Pierre Poulain / Philosophy, Photography

Philosopher and Photographer Pierre Poulain has taught and practiced philosophy and photography for more than 25 years. He observes, “A photograph is a door, an open passage from the intelligible to the sensible, from the invisible to the visible, and looking at its inner nature is looking into a mirror; it can help us discover ourselves; it can help us get to know ourselves.” Inspired by the classical schools of world philosophy, Pierre connects to the world of archetypes and endeavours to bring it to the temporal world. Poulain’s photographs have been displayed in galleries across the world, and his list of published books include “Artist, Dreamer, Warrior”, “Wisdom through the Lens”, “Metaphysical Aesthetics of Photography”, and “After the Fall…History Continues”. Poulain believes that philosophy and photography are not separate paths but are expressions of the same wisdom, which reveal themselves through Beauty and Aesthetics.